About This Project

Dj Chris Sharky Nichols 

Well known character on the uk Rockin scene. Don’t take life to seriously and always up for a laugh.

Started DJ ing 2012 when we launched our club SWITCHBLADES, based in Reading, which has gone from strength to strength and is now held in high regard with an audience that travel from all over the UK to attend. 

Chris has also got to DJ in numerous clubs in and around the London area, playing alongside some of the best DJS in the UK, including the world famous Dingwalls RnR club in Camden. 

Chris has also done some UK weekenders the biggest being The Rockabilly Rave and also The Atomic Festival.

He loves all Rockin music and plays a good cross section, from Honkin hillbilly to sizzling surf., and every thing in between.

Dj Chris Sharky Nichols about Blues at Moonlight:

“I was really happy to attend Blues at Moonlight last year, and lucky enough to do a guest set, which I loved.

So to come back this year for full DJ duties I’m very excited about, and looking forward to a great weekend. my first Spanish weekender behind the decks.”