2022, Deejays
About This Project

DJ Lydia Atomica has been in the world of Rockabilly for 2 decades and began to play vinyls in 2013, participating from that year onwards at events such as the Burgos Riot festival, Rockers Versus Mods DJs, at Pub Ram Jam, New Year’s Eve parties at Studio 27, post-concert DJs at La Casa de Las Musas, La Vache-Folle and Carmen 13. In Madrid she participated in a DJ girls’ vinyl: Sisterhood Evening with the Club Trébol Madrid in 2018. During 2020 she played online through Facebook and was invited to play in different groups of DJs such as the Rockin Spain Party, Cactus Cat Club or The Country Cousin’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Show. Since October 2020 she has been hosting a 1 hour show on Rockabilly Radio every Friday called Viniladas Atomicas. In November 2021 she had the pleasure of debuting as a guest DJ at the 13th edition of our Blues at Moonlight festival and in 2022 she participated as a guest DJ at the 10th Anniversary party of the Rock’n’Roll Club in Valladolid.