2022, Deejays
About This Project

Miguel Corcón “DJ Tall Mike” organiser and promoter of the festival also finds time to share some of his favourite rock and roll and rockabilly records with the audience each year.

Miguel Corchón González, also known as DJ Tall Mike, was born, raised and grew up in Spain. However, his musical tastes go far beyond that, encompassing all styles of American roots music. During his teenage years he became an avid Rockabilly fan and record collector and began his DJ career in Marbella in the late 80s. Since then he moved into Rockabilly music. Thereafter he moved into the Rockin’ scene in Granada and when Granada simply became too small for him, Tall Mike headed west to London where he DJ’d in some of the best Rockin’ pubs and clubs in the city. Over the years and to this day, he has been invited to get the crowd dancing at some of Europe’s biggest Rock ‘n’ Roll festivals and events. Today, his style and range of music has matured and diversified to include the best in Jazz, Blues, Soul and Chillout and he can be seen at many classy events in one of Spain’s best venues such as MARBELLA LUXURY WEEKEND, CAFÉ DEL MAR…