Anita O’Night & The Mercury Trio

Since Anita O’Night & The Mercury Trio came together at the end of 2014, they have stepped on several

stages along lots of festivals and venues. They have brought their mix of 50s rockabilly, hot jazz and country to

main numbers as Rockin’ Race Jamboree, Big Rumble, High Rockabilly, Tours Rock and Roll Show, Riverside Carshow,

Alligator Rockin’, Rockin’ Swarm Swirl, Vulcan Rockers Fest, Barcelona Hayride, Shake-A-Round, Brandenburger R&R

Festival, Dukes Rockin’ Summer Hayride, Desert Wind, Americar Car Weekend Eindhoven… as well as Barcelona’s

main places and clubs such as Palo Alto Market, Museu Europeu d’Art Modern (MEAM), Teatre Principal (Flamingos

Market Club), Rock the Joint R&R Club, Fira Literal Fabra i Coats, Rocksound and New Underground…

Up to date they have recorded three releases through the reference label Sleazy Records; a self titled sold

out single with four original tracks, as well as a full long play album (Mercury Risin’) and the first of a caprice series

(Train Tracks) featuring Phil Morgan on steel guitar. Next release will be out after Summer ‘18 with more whole

lotta powered rockin’ tracks.

Along their music you can smell the influence of Janis Martin, Cliff Gallup, Charline Arthur, Wanda Jackson,

Gene Vincent, Boyd Bennet, Dickie Harrell, Carl Perkins, Rose Maddox; everything mixed up with the personal

touch that give shape to Anita and the Mercury Trio’s sound.

Anita O’Night has been nominated for the Best Female Rocabilly cathegory at the Memphis’ Ameripolitan

Awards 2018.

[…] No sólo el disco debut de la banda resulta tan excitante como sus directos sino que además de nuevo consiguen sorprenderme, tanto en la

calidad de los temas, todos composiciones propias, como en lo bien equilibrados que resultan para un EP de cuatro canciones […]”. (DJ Francho).

[…] so here’s the proof how extremely hot mercury can be if you slide this disc into the record player, play it loud and crash the party with Anita

O’Night & the Mercury Trio… Red Hot Rockabilly at its best […]” (DJ Rock-Ola Jordi).

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