♫ Crystal & Runnin’ Wild

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Belgian band with Crystal, young vocalist, with a heartbreaking voice and releasing enormous vitality, accompanied by 2 excellent musicians on drums and electric guitar. Runnin ‘Wild was formed many years ago making mostly rockabilly with a lot of root, close to the honky tonk. Later, a few years ago, since 2012 they joined the band to Crystal, a very young artist (then only 16 years old) who has evolved his voice and singing in the years he takes with them, giving birth to Crystal & Runnin ‘Wild. Crystal grew up listening to her home country sounds, soul, rock’n’roll, rockabilly, doo wop.

Band very versatile, they are able to pass from a soft rockabilly to an excellent instrumental or to a composition of choirs doo wop, as well as a wild rockabilly, even themes with western sound.

Crystal & Runnin ‘Wild are:

  • Johnny Trash (drums / choirs), even sings him some songs and is multi-instrumentalist.
  • Patrick Ouchêne (guitar / backing vocals).
  • Crystal Dawn (voice).


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