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Lucky Dados was formed in 1997 from 3 musicians who came from different bands: Pedro Herrero (guitar and vocals), Carlos López (bass and backing vocals) and Carlos Mirat (drums).

From the beginning his goal is to make a music that joins rockabilly and punk rock with sounds as different as the country and the purest swing of the 40s and 50s. After a period of concerts where the versions prevail over the songs themselves, the latter become more numerous and decide that it is time to go through the studio.

After recording a demo of 2 songs and searching for different companies, they released their first album, called “Struck The Nerve“, with the Japanese label Revel Yell Music, which will release them throughout Japan through radios and magazines . This album is rotated by different places until they suggest to take out a CD of 4 songs, “Missing Revolution“, that will be like a bridge towards its next long duration. In “Missing Revolution” you can appreciate a closer approach to the harder sounds that will be matured until the arrival in early 2007 of his new full length “Crash ‘Em Down“.

After touring throughout Spain, they finish contract with the Japanese label. In 2010, they signed with Subterfuge Records and at the same time they began a new adventure with Vinila Von Bismark that will produce the album “The Secret Carnival“, presenting it throughout the Spanish geography. Subterfuge Records reissue for Spain their album “Crash ‘Em Down” and after a short period of time decide to leave that company and begin the composition of what will be their next album.


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