New artist for Blues At Moonlight 2019: Uncle Charlie Combo

Uncle Charlie Combo is formed by Carlos A. del Bosque (vocals, guitar), Adolfo Ruiz (double bass) and Pablo Prieto (drums), all of them with extensive experience through bands such as The Rollin’ Miles, Jet Darren & the Doggone Riders, Fly Cat Trio, Jungle Tigers, Charlie Hightone & the Rock-It’s, The MoneyMakers…. and also as session musicians in multiple studio and live works for national artists (Tihuya Cats, Marcos Sendarrubias or Little Boy Arnold) and international artists (Alton Lott, Sandy Ford, Junior Marvel, Graham Fenton, Pat Reyford, Johnny Powers or Mark Lee Allen).
As accompanying musicians, they have built up an impeccable international reputation by, for example, putting the musical base on the albums of legendary American artists such as Sonny West or Huelyn Duvall. Thus, with Sonny West, composer of two of Buddy Holly’s greatest hits and a whole myth of the 50s Rock’n’Roll in their own right, they recorded the acclaimed “Big City Woman”, an album released by the Malaga label Sleazy Records, while with the also Texan Huelyn Duvall they maintain a close and continuous collaboration that has allowed the release, so far, of three EPs.
For their part, and as Uncle Charlie Combo, they have performed tirelessly throughout the national geography, as well as in countries such as France, Holland, Belgium, Portugal and even Mexico, finding time also to publish an EP, a single and a CD, all under the label CAB. As if that wasn’t enough, their songs have been included in numerous compilations published under different labels, highlighting their inclusion in the CD that forms part of the book “Rockin’ Spain”, edited in 2011 by the publishing house Lunwerg, a subsidiary of the Grupo Planeta, and available in bookshops all over the country or, also, their appearance in the CDs that accompany issue 86 of the German magazine Dynamite and issue 13 of the Spanish magazine Rock Estatal. Both have print runs in excess of 20,000 copies and are distributed internationally.
Uncle Charlie Combo offers a live repertoire made up of versions of Rockabilly and Rock’n’Roll from the 1950s along with original tracks included in their recordings. All this with a classical training and an elegant, dynamic and effective staging that leaves no one indifferent.

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