New performance confirmed! We present Go Mule!

“Go Mule!” is a trio project without a drummer that seeks to recapture the genuine essence of the music created over half a century ago by the brothers Johnny and Dorsey Burnette, both at the beginning of their careers as original pioneers of Rockabilly with The Rock’n’Roll Trio and in their later careers, where they stood out as songwriters and performers, both together and separately. With a foundation as simple as it is energetically effective, the trio is made up of Ángel Arlandi (vocals and acoustic guitar), a talented artist from Malaga with solid and recognized credentials, developed over the years in various bands. His wild stage presence, combined with outstanding vocal abilities that directly connect with the sound and roots of the most primitive and authentic Rock’n’Roll, have earned him widespread and well-deserved recognition as The King of Sun Coast Rockabilly. On the electric guitar, there’s Carlos A. del Bosque, the author of the acclaimed biography “Johnny Burnette. All Rocked Out!!!” (Editorial Milenio, 2011). He is a prolific musician, producer, writer, and researcher who has participated in numerous projects, touring around the world and collaborating with genuine pioneers of 1950s Rock’n’Roll in recordings and live performances. A brilliant guitarist, his riffs have been immortalized in dozens of national and international productions. Paco Castillo “Stomp” is a renowned double bass player, sought after by leading bands in the country, as well as by various promoters for different projects and as a session musician due to his impeccable reliability and refined technique. His dynamism and sound on stage act as a real magnet for the audience’s attention, although, as he admits himself: “It’s not me, it’s this demon that sits on my shoulder.” Together, Ángel Arlandi, Carlos A. del Bosque, and Paco Castillo combine a long series of common, deep, clear, and recognizable influences that draw from the best of mid-20th-century American popular music, shaping their respective individual careers. They all know and share the meaning of the music of the Burnette brothers, making them the best references to recreate a unique, powerful, and effective repertoire based on their songs in live performances.

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