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From Germany comes this great band, long-distance, authentic music professionals who will not leave anyone indifferent. With a track record of 11 albums behind them and a multitude of performances live all over the world, they even appear in the German film Barfuss (2005) making the “Shaking that Boogie”, and its star theme, “Barefoot”, composed for The occasion, it sounds in one of the final scenes.

“High Performance Orchestra”, as they define themselves, a peculiar sound that alternates between Rhythm’n’Blues, Early Rock & Roll and Jump & Jive. These 9 virtuosos combine wind instruments, keyboards, slapbass, drums and electric guitar to offer a spectacular sound, along with the voice and performance of their leader and vocalist, so that we can say that more than a performance is a real show, that It returns us to the time of the big bands of frenetic pace.

The solos of electric guitar, keyboards, sax and trumpet, along with the sympathy they show on the stage, end up making the public surrender to such virtuosity and feel that they are next to them on stage.
You could say that the phrase that defines their actions is “never disappoint”.

The Hot-Club’s coming to town

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