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Sometimes, in the rockin ‘scene, it happens that they cross some guys who play in different formations, and based on sharing stage, talks and some other drink in different festivals and bowling, they discover and decide to form a band. In the case of Roy Dee & The Spitfires is what has happened.

Formed by 3 Portuguese and a Malagueño, it is a formation that spends a frenetic, wild rhythm without leaving much of the canons of the most genuine 50’s rockabilly. Taking little time together, since mid-2016, they have managed to find a niche among the most demanded bands in festivals and festivals of European geography, not just the peninsula.
Soon they will take their first work for the American label Wild Records, which has taken to be in the poster of the next Viva Las Vegas # 21.

Its staging is bestial, highlighting each of its members by themselves and together, making the public vibrate in each of its courts. They come from different well-known and well-known bands, which gives them an extra of professionalism and know-how, which will certainly catapult them to the top in the current world rockin’ scene.

Roy Dee & The Spitfires are:

  • Roy Dee: Voice and rhythm guitar
  • Oscar Gomes: Electric guitar
  • Ruben El Pavoni: Double Bass
  • Jesús López: Drums
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