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The Gold Diggers is a pure and wild rockabilly band with a lot of swing and a very spicy touch…..

Andalusian Band whose members currently reside between Malaga and Granada… To the voice of Oona, an Irish woman who lives in Granada, and has sung in bands such as Oona Fortune and the Pavement Kings and Oona Fortune and the Rocketees. The double bass Javi, who currently plays with the rockabilly band The Radions. To the drumsticks Felipe, from Malaga who shares with Lalo, guitar and resident in Fuengirola, another formation, Atomics Propellers.

Their rehearsals are held in Santa Fe (Granada), a town to which they have dedicated one of their songs, at the AS Café headquarters, where rockabilly, beers and chilly piquant mix in each rehearsal.

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